Mold Check Specializes in:

• Professional Mold Inspection
• Professional Mold Remediation
• Crawl Space Encapsulation
• Vapor Barrier Installation

• Advanced Dry Ice Blasting Technique
• Water Damage
• Removal of Property and Storage
• Drying/Dehumidifying of Flooded Areas
• Assessing Flood Damage
• Mildew, Deodorizing and Odor Control
• Mold Removal and Prevention
• Complete Restoration

• Attic Contamination
• Insurance Billing

Proudly Serving the entire Front Range & Denver Metro area for more than a decade!

"Our mission at Mold Check Inc. is to provide you with quality of service, professional effective microbial growth mitigation, safety, customer satisfaction and the best value for your money, guaranteed!" At Mold Check, we understand the sensitive nature of dealing with your modl and water damage issues. We respect your privacy in these matters and we offer our clients a discreet approach. Our vehicles do not have logos or markings indicating we are a mold mitigation firm. MOLDCHECK ONLY DISPATCHES DISCREET COMPANY VEHICLES TO YOUR RESIDENCE OR COMMERCIAL PROPERTY.

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